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Impact awards

We strive to help our local community by supporting groups whose primary purpose is service to the community. Our hope is to reach the causes with the greatest need and make an impactful, positive change by pooling our resources.

How to Apply

Fill out the Impact Award Application via the link below.

Applications for April 2024

are due by February 29, 2024 at 11:59pm.

How Are organizations Selected To Be An Impact Award Recipient

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Encourage &

Power of 100 - Ellsworth members are asked to reach out to local organizations to encourage them to apply! All organizations are required to submit the Impact Award Application and appropriate supporting documents. The Power of 100 - Ellsworth Board of Directors then reviews all applications.  Organizations are placed on a paper ballot and board members vote for three organizations to present at the Impact Meeting. 



At the Impact Meeting, the top three organizations will each present a seven-minute presentation about their mission, vision, and impact in the local community. Following each presentation, three minutes will be given to members to ask questions of the presenting organization. Members then vote individually via paper ballot for the organization that they would like to receive the Impact Award. The winner of the majority of votes receives the Impact Award. 

To be eligible for consideration, an  organization must:

  • Serve the Ellsworth area. No national organizations will be considered. However, local branches of national organizations are eligible for consideration. The purpose is for 100% of the contribution to stay local. 

  • Be available to make a seven-minute presentation during the Impact Meeting and respond to questions from members following the presentation

  • Be available to return to the following Impact Meeting to inform members about the impact their gift made in helping your organization serve the community

Presentation Tips

  • State your name and the name and location of your organization.

  • Describe the service area of your organization and whom you serve

  • State your organization’s mission statement and speak to what you do overall and how your services benefit the community

  • Describe specifically how our funds will be used, providing some background, if possible, on the following: is this a new or existing program, does your organization have a plan in place to sustain the program after our funds have been used, how many people will the funds impact, whether the program is essential, and what our community will miss if it doesn’t get funded. 

  • Be prepared to speak to your organization’s finances, including the size of your annual operating budget and how much you spend on admin/fundraising.

  • Don’t forget to tell a personal story of how your organization has made an impact

  • End with a heartfelt ask and a thank you


Frequently Asked Questions

If my organization was not selected at the bi-annual Impact Meeting do I need to resubmit it for consideration at the next meeting?



How often can an organization be awarded the funds?

An organization may only be eligible to receive the donation every two years.

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